Automatic Payment

Our reloadable debit card is a convenient product which allows users to make purchases safely and conveniently.

How to Establish an Automatic Payment to a Reloadable Debit Card

Our reloadable debit card is a convenient product which allows users to make purchases safely and conveniently. Many members use this card as either their primary debit card or back-up debit card. Members also use this card to make online or overseas transactions, because it is separate from their Credit Union account.

Unless funds are deposited on the reloadable card at least once a month, the card is assessed a $4.95 service fee. Funds can be reloaded for a fee at Western Union and MoneyGram locations, and for free at a Credit Union branch or through a direct deposit. Another method is through an account-to-account transfer, via our Bill Pay. Using Credit Union Bill Pay, members can link their checking accounts with the account number associated with the reloadable debit card, and have money sent via ACH to the card on a one-time or reoccurring basis. Here is the process for establishing a reoccurring account-to-account transfer.

Establish a Reloadable Card Online Account

  1. Go to and select “Create Account”.
  2. Follow the steps to create an account. (Note: This account is not the same as your Credit Union online banking account).
  3. Once logged in, select “Direct Deposit” to see the account number and routing number associated with your card. Save these numbers for later.

Add an Account in Bill Pay

  1. If you haven’t already, create a Credit Union online banking account here.
  2. In online banking select the “Bill Pay” tab, and if necessary, agree to the terms and conditions.
  3. If this is the users first time using Bill Pay, it will encourage them to add a bill to pay immediately. This is not the best way to transfer funds to a reloadable card. Instead, scroll down and select “What else can I do?”
  4. Once in Bill Pay, select “Transfer Money”, and then underneath the heading Transfer Money with Other Financial Institutions, select “Add an Account”.
  5. Create a nickname for the account (Go-Card or Reloadable Card are good ideas), and for Account Type, select “Checking”.
  6. Add and confirm the routing number and account number obtained in Step 3 of the above directions to add the reloadable card online account.
  7. Select “Add Account”.

In the next 1-3 business days, Bill Pay will send two small test deposits to the reloadable card, to verify its existence.

Verify Reloadable Card

  1. After 1-3 business days, go to and log in.
  2. Select “View Transactions” and locate the two test deposits (less than $1.00). Write down those two deposit amounts (Note: You may also see a withdraw amount for the total of the two deposits, usually being withdrawn the following day. You do not need to record this amount).
  3. Go to the Credit Union online banking here, and log in to the online banking account.
  4. Once in, select the “Bill Pay” tab. You may still need to select “What else can I do” at the bottom of the Bill Pay tab, to get through to Bill Pay.
  5. In Bill Pay, select “Transfer Money”, and follow the steps to verify the account. In this process, you will input the two test amounts obtained in Step 2.

Establish a Reoccurring Transfer to the Reloadable Card

  1. Once the account has been verified, in Bill Pay, under the Transfer Money tab, complete the required information underneath the heading Make a Transfer. Make sure to select “Repeating Transfer”.
  2. Set the First Transfer Date, and for “Frequency” choose the option that best meets your needs. (Note: At least one deposit must be made on the reloadable card each month to avoid the fee).
  3. If applicable, choose a duration, and whether the user wants to receive notification of pending or completed transfers.
  4. Select “Preview Transfer”, and then “Schedule Repeating Transfer”.
  5. The transfer will now reoccur on the date specified. (Note: Users can also do one-time transfers through the same screen, simply by selecting “One-Time Transfer”).