Make the Switch

Making the switch to the Baltimore County Employees Federal Credit Union is easy!

Switch Kit Checklist

Step 1: Open an account at BCEFCU

(complete and return to BCEFCU)

 if you’re already a member. 

Visit one of our convenient locations

Step 2: Change Direct Deposits and Automatic Payments

Direct deposits may include payroll, retirement, social security, child support, or interest and dividend payments. Complete and submit the appropriate direct deposit forms. Please note that many forms require the Credit Union’s routing/transit number. Our routing/transit number is 252075757. Automatic Payment Changes: Notify all companies who you have authorized to deduct funds from your account of your account change to BCEFCU.

Step 3: Close Old Account

  • Remember to close your old account when you are sure the account is inactive.
  • Inform your old financial institution and request any balances remaining on the account. 
  • Destroy your old checks, ATM/Debit Cards and deposit slips.

Need Assistance?

If you have any additional questions or concerns, or need more information, our Member Services Representatives are ready to assist! Please contact us at 410-828-4730, or visit us at either BCEFCU location for assistance with making the switch to the Baltimore County Employees Federal Credit Union.