(Drum roll please!)

BCCU Credit Card App

Our VISA Platinum Credit Card App has arrived!

With our new app, you can enjoy easy, on-the-go management of your Baltimore County Employees Federal Credit Union VISA Platinum Card. This app offers a convenient way to:

  • View recent and pending transactions
  • View account details
  • Make a payment to your credit card
  • Set alerts and controls
  • Set travel notifications
  • Report your card lost or stolen
  • Turn your card on and off

Card registration is simple from any mobile device! To get started, download the BCCU Credit app from the App Store or Google Play.

Important for Users: When finished using our app to conduct your credit card business, remember to sign out of the app. Close BCCU Credit completely (swipe it away) on your device. If you leave the app running in the background without signing out, it will create login issues and delays the next time you go to use it.

Already enrolled in our VISA Online service?  No problem! You can continue to enjoy full-screen service on your computer, while also using the BCCU Credit app on your smartphone to enhance your credit card experience.

Note: For your protection, our Mobile Apps are protected by multi-factor authentication.

BCCU Credit Application
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