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Your Credit Union is a financial cooperative. It is voluntarily owned and controlled by members. It is operated for you on a non-profit basis. Our goals are to promote thrift and provide credit to our members. Our mission is to improve the lives of our member-owners by providing quality financial products and services while maintaining the growth and stability of the Credit Union.

Board of Directors Recent Initiatives

The Board of Directors gain great satisfaction knowing their efforts are of benefit to their fellow members. The future success of your Credit Union depends on member involvement. We invite you to consider becoming a more active participant in the credit union movement.

As a Credit Union volunteer, you can gain skills and experience in activities outside your normal day-to-day job by serving on a committee. For instance, a few of our standing committees include:
Loan Policy Reviews Loan Policy Manual and recommends changes, conducts a review of loans.
Legislative Maintains cognizance of State and Federal Legislative Issues relating to credit unions.
Special Programs Evaluates programs and recommends new programs to benefit the membership.
Building Reviews building operations, recommends improvements and/or contracts, reviews building security and safety.
Investment Manages assets and liabilities, updates the Investment policy, makes recommendations to the Board, and prepares the budget.

Your volunteer activity allows you to meet and work with others having a common goal of helping fellow members. You are asked to attend regularly scheduled meetings, and perhaps will have the opportunity to attend local training sessions. Seminars provide greater insight to the credit union industry and your role as a volunteer.


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