Overdraft Protection

This service enhancement adds a valuable measure of protection to your VISA Debit Card.

Simply put, the overdraft benefits you currently enjoy with your Credit Union Checking Account can be extended to your VISA Debit Card purchases. We will need to hear back from you. (See below)

With this enhanced level of service, we will first look to pay any overdrafts by transfer from your
designated share account, secondly from an established Preferred Credit Line account, thirdly from the
Credit Union’s Courtesy Pay service, and lastly from any other share account. NOTE: An “Overdraft”
occurs when the amount of the Visa Debit Card transaction exceeds the available balance in your Share
Draft account.

With Courtesy Pay, we would honor the overdrawn amount of your VISA Debit Card transaction up to a
limit of $500 including any overdraft fees assessed. A $25 fee will be assessed for each item that draws
your available balance negative. You then have up to 30 days to bring the account current, either
through direct deposit, transfer of funds or a deposit at one of our branch offices.

Without this overdraft protection, ATM and everyday debit card transactions may be declined if you make a withdrawal without sufficient funds. Allowing us to enhance your VISA Debit Card will save you from possible embarrassment.

To enjoy this peace of mind, Federal regulations require you to authorize this Debit Card Overdraft Protection.

woman at atm