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The Best Credit Union Auto Loan Rates AutoSMART
Now you can have money-saving credit union auto loan rates beyond traditional business hours! Convenient car loan service is waiting for you at a participating auto dealer.
United Buying Service
With a pre-negotiated auto price from the United Buying Service, items such as freight and delivery charges are included, the dealer processing fee is waived, dealer installed options are discounted, and you will receive the manufacturer's incentives. Find out more about the United Buying Service by visiting their web site or call the Loan Department at your Credit Union today!
Enterprise Car Sales
With Enterprise Car Sales, members have the opportunity to acquire the "Perfect Used Car Package" featuring the following:
• Haggle-Free Buying - a one-price system that's fair and competitive
• Vehicle Certification - look for the special seal of approval on the vehicle
• 7-Day Repurchase Policy - peace of mind in case you change your mind
• Limited Warranty 12-month/12,000 mile limited warranty This site provides car pricing and model selection.
Finance Resource Center Financial Resource Center
Buying a home ranks as one of life's most exciting experiences. We relish the promise of having a corner of the world to call our own. We feel a sense of pride that we've made it and can afford to buy a house. This resource aims to help. It's brought to you by your credit union, and is written with credit union members, like you, in mind.
Credit Union National Association
Home and Family Finance explains various financial topics, in general terms, to assist members in better managing their money. This site is provided through CUNA, our national trade association, with updated information appearing on a weekly basis. The actual quarterly magazine, under the same title, is available at your Credit Union in limited quantities.
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse is a San Diego-based nonprofit consumer education and advocacy program providing practical tips on safeguarding consumer privacy and representing consumers' interests in government and industry policymaking. This link provides the necessary information to have yourself removed from junk mail and telemarketing call lists.


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