Budget Worksheets

It may look intimidating, but it’s the best way to see if you’re managing your money or if you’re money is managing you!

A budget is a spending plan that helps you achieve your financial goals. Without it, you can lose control of your expenses not even realizing where your money has gone.

We offer our members two helpful budget worksheets. The simple budget gives you a quick look at your finances. The detailed budget explains where the money goes line by line. Take a few minutes to see where your money goes.

We recommend doing a budget review every year. Start with the simple budget, and then track your expenses for a month or two. After you’ve tracked your spending, complete the detailed budget to categorize where the funds are going.

To calculate your occasional expenses for the budget, translate your bills to a monthly format. For example, $600 for car insurance every six months is equal to $46.15 bi-weekly or $100 monthly. (There are 26 pays in one year for a bi-weekly payroll. Six months equals 13 pays; $600 ÷ 13 = $46.15 per bi-weekly pay cycle. $600 ÷ 6 months = $100 per month.)

Hey, it's your money – don't you want to know where it's going?