Educational Articles

From building good credit to purchasing a new car, we have compiled a group of articles that we feel everyone should read.

Senior Consumer Education
Who do you want accessing your accounts? The Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation provides information about account ownership, survivorship, and ways to protect your money.

Internet Gambling & Your Credit Union
Whether you are an individual who engages in Internet wagering…or a business that processes these wagers, it is important to know what credit unions are now doing to ensure that these activities are not being conducted unlawfully.

Building Good Credit
Several methods for building your credit history.

Checking Account Management
To get the most out of your checking account, you may need to brush up on your checking account management skills.

Checking Account Information
Basics on checking accounts and how they work.

Protecting Your Good Name from Identity Theft
Identity theft is a growing problem in today’s economy to the tune of billions of dollars in fraud. Taking precautions with your personal information can help you avoid becoming a victim, and protect your good name.

Purchasing a Vehicle — Step by Step Guide
Read on for tools, tips, and advise on purchasing a vehicle, how to qualify for a loan, what is the difference between leasing and buying, and how to calculate fair price.

Tips for Buying Used Vehicles
7 tips to buying a used car.

Nothing is Free
Members should beware of FREE Trial offers on products, vitamins, medicines, etc. Learn how to read between the lines.

Gone Phishing?
Phishing is a scam that has affected major companies including AOL, Verizon, Wells Fargo, and Citibank. Learn how you can protect yourself from this scam.

A Healthy Credit Report
Understanding how credit affects you is easier than you think, and, very important.

Whether you have great credit, no credit, or in process of rebuilding your credit following these steps may improve your financial health.

Credit Cards and You
Credit can be a wonderful thing, how else could you afford to buy a car, pay for college, buy a house, or some other BIG TICKET item. Are you going to write a check for a new car? Yeah right, that’s gonna happen! That’s where credit and credit cards come in.