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Emv Chip Credit Card

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EMV Card

What is EMV?

EMV (EuroPay, MasterCard, VISA) represents the latest microchip technology to increase security. EMV chip technology originated in Europe and has been instrumental in preventing the spread of fraud. It will soon be available to you with your Credit Union VISA Platinum Card.

As you know, the Credit Union VISA account is monitored for fraud 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The microchip enhances this process by providing dynamic data at the time of use that cannot be known by someone who steals your card or card number. Additionally, a microchip is much more difficult to replicate or counterfeit than a magnetic strip. This keeps your personal data more secure.

We have begun the transition to EMV technology. The new EMV chip card will eventually replace all existing Credit Union VISA credit cards.

Procedures for using EMV Cards

While EMV chip cards are widely accepted throughout Europe, many merchants in the United States are still updating their payment terminals to process EMV chip transactions. The Credit Union has outfitted its card with dual technology so you will still have the ability to make purchases using the magnetic strip on the back of the card where the merchant is not EMV-ready.

If the merchant is EMV-ready, you will be prompted to insert your card in the terminal. Your card will be kept safely inside the terminal while the microchip is authenticated. This may take a few seconds while authentication, verification and authorization steps occur. When this transaction is complete, you will remove your card.

If the merchant is not EMV-ready,
the transaction will process using the magnetic strip on your card.

Should you have any questions, please give our VISA Department a call at 410-828-4730, option 3.


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