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Do you live in the Baltimore-Metro area?* If so, we've got great news!

You can become a Credit Union member through a complimentary enrollment in the Maryland Consumer Council**

Maryland Consumer Council (MDCC)

As a member of the Maryland Consumer Council (MDCC), you'll enjoy the following:

  • Monthly issue of Consumer News & Views.
  • Quarterly issue of Voice of the Consumer sent to all members via email.
  • ACC Advocacy Updates based on ACC's work to champion consumer issues nationally.
  • Free attendance at any Financial Literacy Workshop (co-sponsored with the Credit Union).
  • Registration discount of 15% to attend ACCs annual/regional meetings/conferences.

You'll also be able to enjoy the financial services offered by the Credit Union!

There are no membership dues or fees for this consumer organization as long as you're a member of the Baltimore County Employees Federal Credit Union. We are proud to be a sponsoring member of the Maryland Consumer Council.

When you join the Credit Union, the Maryland Consumer Council will only be provided with the following information: your full name, address, phone number and email address. After that, you can begin receiving the Council's consumer education information via email and USPS. Your membership data and information is treated in a confidential, legal, and ethical manner. Maryland Consumer Council does not sell, lease or lend its membership data to anyone.* (See Privacy Policy below)

For information about membership and the programs offered by the Maryland Consumer Council, visit and go to the "Membership" page or call them at 1-800-544-0414.

NOTE: When joining the Maryland Consumer Council online, remember to enter the Credit Union PROMO CODE: "BCEFCU" in order to waive their $5.00 enrollment fee. Within a few minutes, you'll receive an email confirmation from the Council. Please print out your Council Membership Certificate and bring it with you to one of the Credit Union branches, so we can verify your eligibility to join the Credit Union.

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**The Maryland Consumer Council (MDCC) is a chapter of the American Consumer Council (ACC), a national non-profit, tax-exempt consumer education organization with over 170,000 members in all 50 states. ACC has 46 state-affiliated organizations and thousands of members in the greater Baltimore- Metropolitan area.

The mission of the Maryland Consumer Council is to: (1) educate consumers on the purchase of safe, reliable products and services; (2) advocate and champion consumer rights; (3) offer financial literacy programs to consumers; and (4) promote environmental protection and foster corporate social responsibility.

Maryland Consumer Council - Privacy Policy

As a non-profit, tax exempt organization, the Maryland Consumer Council (MDCC) and its affiliates values and respects its members' personal data and information. The MDCC will not sell, share, or distribute its membership data to any individual, company or organization without the consent of its members. From time to time, MDCC will correspond with its members and prospective members via emails and USPS by sending them relevant information and materials relating to important consumer issues, the Council's Annual Meeting, notices from sponsoring member credit unions and special offers from corporate sponsors. Any member may elect to discontinue receiving such communications from the MDCC at any time.

* The Baltimore County Employees Federal Credit Union defines the Baltimore-Metropolitan area to include: Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Carroll County, Harford County and Howard County.



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