Fraud Alerts

Contact us if you have questions or concerns about your accounts or think you may have been a victim of fraud.

Financial Scams related to Stimulus Checks

Please be vigilant against scammers seizing upon fears about the Coronavirus pandemic. With the government stimulus checks being sent to help Americans, reports indicate that scammers are posing as government employees to gain access to your personal data.

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Fraudsters are exploiting fears over Coronavirus

Fraudsters are leveraging fears over the coronavirus as an opportunity to scam financial institutions and consumers. Watch out for scammers who are taking advantage of concerns over COVID-19. Fraudsters are posing as the CDC Health Alert Network to steal personal information.

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Equifax Data Breach

Your Credit Union maintains the safety and security of its members’ personal information as a top priority. In light of the recent Equifax data breach, protective measures you can take are provided here for consideration.

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Shopping Online?

Shopping Online or ordering from a TV commercial? Beware of those FREE Trial offers. By accepting, you may have signed up for automatic delivery whether you want it or not.

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Home Depot Data Breach

Credit Union members with VISA Debit or Credit Cards included in the recent data breach will be receiving personalized letters from the Credit Union in the coming days.

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