Guide to

Contactless Banking

Many members are using alternative methods to manage their finances.

The Credit Union is committed to providing our regular services with as few interruptions as possible during this unprecedented time. With concern about social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many members are using alternative methods to manage their finances.  If you’re able to perform your banking functions electronically, at an Allpoint ATM, or at our Perry Hall Drive-Up Windows, we recommend doing so. If you don’t have an Online Banking account or the BCCU Mobile app, click here!

How to make a contactless deposit

  • Electronically deposit checks using BCCU Mobile (Limit of $3,500 a day).
  • Deposit cash or checks through a Credit Union ATM using your ATM or Debit Card.
  • Deposit cash or checks through the Night Drop at Perry Hall or Towson.
  • Mail checks to our Towson, Perry Hall, or GBMC branch.

How to make a contactless withdrawal

  • Withdraw up to $500 a day for free from an Allpoint ATM. Find a free ATM with the Allpoint Locator. Note: Some Allpoint ATMs dispense a maximum of $200.00 per withdrawal. Make three withdrawals to receive the $500.00 maximum.
  • Withdraw up to $500 a day from our Credit Union ATMs.
  • Call a Member Service Representative at 410-828-4730 to request a check mailed to your home address.

How to determine your balance remotely

  • Log in to Online Banking or the BCCU Mobile app to view your balance and history.
  • Call Quick Teller Audio Response at 410-825-6180.
  • Call a Member Service Representative at 410-828-4730.

How to make a remote payment to a Credit Union loan or VISA Platinum Credit Card

  • Transfer funds electronically from your Credit Union account to your loan or VISA in Online Banking or the BCCU Mobile app.
  • Deposit cash or checks in the Night Drop with instructions to apply funds to your loan or VISA.
  • Mail checks with instructions to apply to your loan or VISA.
  • Call Member Services at 410-828-4730 and request a transfer from your Credit Union account to your loan or VISA.
  • In VISA Online, add a bank account from which you can pull funds to pay your VISA.
  • Make a loan payment using funds from another financial institution. Complete this Automatic Payment Authorization form and mail or put it in the Night Drop. Otherwise, call Member Services at 410-828-4730 to complete the form electronically via DocuSign.

How to join the Credit Union remotely
Opening an account remotely is simple and can be completed with only a few steps. For more detailed instructions and information on eligibility, visit our How to Join page.

  • Complete, print out, and sign a Membership Application on our website. Please designate if you are joining through a family member in the Membership Eligibility Information section.
  • Include the following items:
    • Photocopy of Driver’s License or State-Issued ID.
    • Check for at least $5.00.
    • Photocopy of work ID if joining through Baltimore County Government, GBMC, Sheppard Pratt, or Gilchrist.
    • Completed Maryland Consumer Council application if not joining through the above method. More information here.
  • Mail in documents or drop them in our Night Drop.
  • We will mail a welcome package with your account information once the account has been approved. We may contact you if more information is necessary.

How to purchase, redeem, or renew you Share Certificate (CD) remotely

  • Purchase
    • Call a Member Service Representative at 410-828-4730.
    • Determine what term you want, and who you designate as beneficiary.
    • Funds can be transferred from your Credit Union account. Otherwise, follow the steps above for making a contactless deposit.
    • We will mail you the documentation of your new Share Certificate.

  • Redeem
    • Call a Member Service Representative at 410-828-4730.
    • If the Share Certificate is at maturity, we can close it and transfer the funds, or mail a check.
    • If the Share Certificate is not yet matured, we can still close it, but there may be a fee. The Member Service Representative will inform you of the fee amount.
    • You can request that a Share Certificate maturing in the future be set to automatically deposit into your Share Savings on the date of maturity.
  • Renew
    • To have your Share Certificate renew for the same term and existing amount, no action is required, as it renews automatically.
    • To have it renewed for a different term or amount, follow the directions for making a Purchase above.

How to send a Wire Transfer remotely

  • Contact a Member Service Representative at 410-828-4730.
  • Due to the prevalence of wire fraud, we require wiring instructions from the receiving party, and we must also be able to positively identify the sender.
  • Once the Member Service Representative has obtained the necessary information, they will work with you to complete the Wire Transfer paperwork, and have it processed.

Services that cannot be done remotely
These services can only be done in person at one of our branches. Please wear a Face Covering (fully covering a person’s nose and mouth – such as cloth mask, scarf or bandana) and practice social distancing when you visit the branch.

  • Notary
  • Medallion Signature Guarantee
  • Instant Issue Debit Card Pick-up
  • Coin Machine

New Lobby Hours effective June 8, 2020

Towson, GBMC and Perry Hall Modified Lobby Hours due to Coronavirus
Monday:9am - 3pm
Tuesday:9am - 3pm
Wednesday:9am - 3pm
Thursday:9am - 3pm
Friday: 9am - 3pm

Perry Hall Saturdays: 9am – 12noon with a restricted number of members allowed in the lobby at a time in order to practice social distancing.

Perry Hall Drive-Up Windows: Open to serve you during our normal business hours: Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm; Friday 9am – 6pm; Saturday 9am – 12noon.