(Guaranteed Auto Protection)

Baltimore County Employees Federal Credit Union is pleased to offer its members a service called GAP (Guaranteed Auto Protection).

How does GAP work?

If your vehicle is stolen or totaled, your primary insurance company usually pays only the actual cash value (current market value) of your vehicle less your deductible. This amount can often be much less than the balance you owe on your auto loan.

The difference between the insurance settlement and the amount you still owe on the auto loan is called a financial GAP and could result in thousands of dollars out of your pocket in order to pay off your loan balance.

To help you avoid this risk, we provide members the opportunity to purchase GAP at a greatly reduced one-time cost of $250 effective November 1, 2017.*

Unsure of the GAP on the auto you are about to purchase?

Contact a Loan Counselor today for a complete GAP analysis. Call us at 410-828-4730 or 1-800-234-4730.


Existing Credit Union Auto Loans have up to 18 months from their date of origination to also enjoy the benefits of GAP Coverage at the reduced cost of $250. Similar GAP policies purchased directly from auto dealers / insurance companies can sometimes cost as much as $500-$700.

* GAP Pricing is subject to change without notice.