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5 Steps You Can Take To Help Small Businesses

Keeping our friends and family safe is a top priority for us all, but we can also help small businesses survive these difficult times.
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Small businesses are the backbones of communities across our country. However, small businesses have been some of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic as they struggle to adjust to new safety regulations.

Keeping our friends and family safe is a top priority for all of us, but we can also take steps to help small businesses survive these difficult times. Let’s take a look at some things you can do to support businesses in your community.

Order Takeout

While many small businesses have been closed to dining-in options, takeout services have been expanded. The next time you want to order takeout, consider skipping over the big restaurant chains and choose a local option instead.

If you can, also avoid delivery apps that facilitate the process such as Grubhub or Uber Eats. While these delivery apps are convenient, they take a large portion of the profits when you order takeout or delivery.

Check on the websites of local businesses to see if they have their own service for delivery, or if you can simply call your order in and pick it up. This will help maximize profits for the local business.

Look for Alternative Options

While some businesses have been able to recuperate some of their losses through takeout ordering, this doesn’t work for all.

Others, such as entertainment venues, have offered alternative options to support themselves during their hardships. For instance, some businesses have allowed clients to purchase vouchers that will be redeemable for future services when they’re allowed to operate regularly again. This is a small way you can help ensure employees are paid and businesses can pay rent.

Others simply have portals where you can donate to relief funds if you’d prefer.

Tip Well

If you are receiving a takeout or delivery service, or dining outside at a local restaurant, try and remember how far your tip can go.

Many delivery drivers, especially those working through apps like Grubhub, are freelancers who make a significant portion of income from tips. If you can, tip well when ordering food to help support both workers and businesses.

Consider Where You Buy

It’s easy to go to your local chain grocery store when you need to pick up a few things or order a new book you’ve wanted to read off Amazon. But you may be surprised at the variety of local services you can find in your area. Local farms need support just like local restaurants.

Contact the farms to see if you can purchase products directly from them, or if they make those products available at places like farmers markets. Many local bookstores offer online ordering at a price comparable to Amazon. In these times, working together is essential in making sure our communities come out of the pandemic intact.

Use Your Voice

If it’s not possible for you to monetarily support these businesses, it’s easy enough to support them by using your voice. Share your favorite local businesses with family and friends. Follow local business pages and share their posts to help get the word out to those around you. This small step can make the world of difference in helping someone keep their livelihood.

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