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The 6 Best Websites to Buy and Sell Vehicles

If you're looking to purchase a vehicle, or simply looking to get some cash for your old car, here are six websites for buying and selling vehicles.
The 6 Best Websites to Buy and Sell Vehicles

Online shopping has become the new norm for many of us. Whether you’re ordering groceries or looking for clothes, online shopping has never been more accessible or had so many options to offer. So, if you’re looking to purchase a new vehicle, or simply looking to get some cash for your old car, taking it online is a great alternative to the traditional methods of car shopping. Here are six websites for buying and selling vehicles.

1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is now used for more than just catching up with old friends or sharing funny videos. Facebook Marketplace has become a great place to find cars to purchase and to list your own vehicles for sale. The advantage of Facebook Marketplace is a much more personable buying and selling experience because you can view the Facebook profiles of those you communicate with in the market. If anonymous site experiences like Craigslist makes you uneasy, Facebook Marketplace is a good alternative.

2. CarGurus

CarGurus stands out for those hoping to sell their car quickly. It’s the most visited site each month for buying and selling vehicles, so this high amount of traffic means a lot of people will see your listing. Sellers need to keep that in mind that CarGurus keeps $99 if you sell your vehicle through them. It also offers handy features to buyers, such as a price rating on every car to let you know if a deal sounds too good to be true, or if the vehicle is priced above the market price.

3. AutoTrader

If you’ve ever shopped around for cars online, you’ve no doubt come across AutoTrader. They pioneered the process of shopping for vehicles online, and they’ve stayed relevant thanks to a trustworthy brand and great options for both buyers and sellers. AutoTrader’s interface makes it easy to focus your search criteria so you can find exactly what’s right for you. Sellers should note that listing with AutoTrader will cost money, but with so many monthly shoppers, it’s bound to be worth it.

4. TrueCar

If you’d like to eliminate the guesswork that comes with buying a car and ensuring you’re getting a good deal, TrueCar is a great option. Instead of relying on the MSRP or Kelly Blue Book value most other sites use, TrueCar will instead give you the numbers from past buyers so you’ll know whether you’re getting the right deal. If you feel like there’s not enough transparency in the car buying process, TrueCar might be your ideal online marketplace.

5. Vroom

Vroom offers a very modern approach to the process of shopping for vehicles. Everything is done online–No in-person visits to the dealership and no haggling with a car salesman. Simply find the vehicle you want, apply online, and once approved your car will be delivered to you. Your test drive, so to speak, is a week-long period, or 250 miles, to make sure the car is right for you. If not, simply return it. Vroom will even assess your trade-in vehicle and pick it up for you. The downside–delivery fees can be steep, and those looking for cheaper used options may not have much luck.

6. Carvana

A newer company, the concept of Caravan may sound to some of us like science fiction. It is essentially a vending machine for cars, where you can go and inspect the vehicles from a 360-degree angle. If you like what you see, you can have the car delivered to you the next day. If you’re not located near one of the 24 car vending machines across the country, you can simply shop online and then have the vehicle delivered.

As you can see, the way we buy cars has drastically changed over the past few years. As more shopping moves online, it has never been easier to find the deal that’s right for you. With your Credit Union’s great low rates, now’s a perfect time to start shopping for your new car!

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