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3 Great Vacation Options on A Budget

Whether you enjoy relaxing, nightlife, or adventure, there's somewhere for everyone that won't burn a whole in your pocket.
3 Great Vacation Options on A Budget

With summer getting into full swing, the odds are you’re looking forward to taking some time off, soaking up some sun, or going on a new adventure. However, with prices continuing too skyrocket across the world in popular vacation destinations, it can be difficult to find the right place if you’re on a budget. Your Credit Union understands this, so we’ve compiled a list of three great vacation options for fun-seekers on a budget. Whether you enjoy relaxing, nightlife, or adventure, there’s somewhere for everyone that won’t burn a whole in your pocket.

1. Go Camping in America’s Incredible National Parks and Forests

America has an incredible selection of vacation spots out in nature you can take advantage of. Take a drive along Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park for panoramic views of the Shenandoah Valley, a short two hour drive from Baltimore. Or, journey out to Yellowstone to see herds of bison roaming and geothermal geysers shoot into the air. National Parks do charge an entry fee, which typically ranges from $25-$70 dollars but your pass lasts for seven days of entry. Skip the cabins and hotels, and instead opt to camp in a tent, as most sites can be had for $20-$50 dollars a night. If you want something a little cheaper and more wild, opt for one of the many National Forests across the country, as they do not charge entry fees and some even have drive-in sites where you can pitch a tent for free! Hike, fish, make food on the open fire, and get in touch with the wild side of America.

2. Head North of the Border for Budget-Friendly Cities and Incredible Parks!

With a favorable exchange rate for the US Dollar, there has never been a better time to give Canada a try. Canada is packed to the brim with things to see and do, from walking the historic streets of Quebec City and Montreal to journeying into Banff National Park for some of the most beautiful natural vistas in the entire world. As Canada shares a border with the US, you can save on flights and instead opt to drive. If you want to save even more, skip the big cities and venture into the small towns. The Cabot Trail is one of the most scenic drives in America, and is lined with villages where your dollar can go far. There’s something for everyone to see in the Great White North.

3. Skip Big Ticket Europe Destinations… Opt for Central Europe

Perhaps you are looking to take a trip across the pond, but fear that the likes of London, Paris, and Rome will break the bank. These cities are known for their high prices, especially in tourist centers. Instead, get a taste of European culture in Central Europe at half of the price. See the incredible architecture of Prague’s Old Town square, walk along the Danube River in Budapest, or catch a soccer match with the locals at a beer garden in Berlin. Thanks to affordable buses and lodging, it’s easy to see multiple cities on a short trip. Additionally, with the emergence of budget airlines, it’s never been cheaper to get our and experience European culture.

Trying to plan a trip on a budget can be a challenge. If you find yourself in need of extra funds, remember Your Credit Union is here to help! Each year, members are reaching their destinations faster with a Credit Union Vacation Loan. Current rates are as low as 7.90% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) with a 12-month repayment plan. Talk with a Loan Counselor to jumpstart your 2018 travel plans!

Let Your Credit Union help you reach your Vacation Destination!

It’s the people who are the heart of the Credit Union with personalized service from friendly staff, loyal members who utilize many cost-saving services, and dedicated volunteers who work to make the Credit Union a success. If you have any questions, stop by one of our three branches.

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