Possible ATM Skimming Device Incident

October 10, 2017

We have recently received notice of fraudulent ATM transactions on some of our members accounts.

Preliminary findings indicate that an ATM skimming device may have been placed on our Perry Hall ATM. If you used the Perry Hall ATM Machine within the last few weeks, please continue to monitor your account for unauthorized transactions.

A skimming device only captures the Debit/ATM card number and PIN. Please be reassured that other personal information was not compromised.

The Credit Union does have Fraud Protection in place for its members, however, the best way to prevent fraud is to actively check your accounts online and view recent member statements. If you see anything unusual, please call us immediately. Just a reminder, we also added Visa Purchase Alerts to our website.

As a precaution, if any member wants to close their Debit or ATM card, we are glad to accommodate. The Credit Union now offers “Instant Issue” for Debit Cards only, and for added security, the new cards must be picked up at one of our branches.