Home Depot Data Breach


Credit Union members with VISA Debit or Credit Cards included in the recent data breach will be receiving personalized letters from the Credit Union in the coming days.

The letter explains that the Credit Union will: (1) continue to monitor the affected accounts for fraudulent activity and (2) issue new debit or credit cards with new card numbers to those members.

If you receive a letter, please note the specific instructions and dates for making a smooth transition from your current to your newly-issued card.

Your understanding is much appreciated as we work through this unfortunate situation.

Thank you.

Update 9/10/14

Last week, we reported the news concerning a possible data breach involving 2,200 Home Depot stores across the United States.

Home Depot officials have now confirmed that a data breach has taken place. For more information about this situation, visit www.homedepot.com.

We have not received information from VISA confirming whether any of our cardholder accounts have been affected. Once we receive specifics, those members will receive personalized letters clearly explaining our action plan to reduce their risk.

In the meantime, members that have used their VISA Debit Card or VISA Credit Card at Home Depot should monitor their account and contact the Credit Union if they notice any unusual activity. You may also make a request for us to issue you a new debit or credit card.

Please be assured, we will continue to monitor the situation and provide additional details as they become available.

Thank you.