Credit Card Balance Transfer Request Form
Baltimore County Employees Federal Credit Union

Please fill out the form on your screen, print out and mail to the address listed below. The Credit Union requires an INK Signature for this application. We will not accept a faxed copy. This helps to reduce account fraud.


Member # SSN - -
Daytime Phone # - - ext.
Creditors Name
City State Zip Code
Account # to be paid
Amount to be paid

Important information regarding Balance Transfers
Be sure that the total of the balance you are transferring does not exceed the available balance on your Credit Union VISA card. Please verify the credit card information you are providing to us for accuracy. If possible, attach a copy of your most recent credit card statement showing the payment mailing address. Please allow two weeks for the check to reach its destination. You are responsible for any payments and finance charges that accrue on your account until the balance transfer is completed.

Finance Charges- a balance transfer is treated as a cash advance. Finance charges for balance transfers will begin to accrue from the date of posting and continue to accrue until the balance transfer amount is paid in full. Once the balance transfer has taken place, contact your other credit card issuer to close your other account if that is your intention.

*Be sure you do not transfer the amount of any disputed purchase or other charge, so that you do not lose your dispute rights.

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